Ok so one day I was shopping on my standard department store website and I thought “I should actually spend my money supporting a small business started by a woman – I’m sure there’s a website that has a list of female entrepreneurs” …SPOILER ALERT. There was not! What if other people also wanted to support women? So we created it.

We live in such a #sidehustle culture and are loving and living for it. When we realized we new so many entrepreneurs, and none of them knew *each other*, we started our networking events in NYC to bring people together (coming soon to a city near you!) so we can all grow our networks, surround ourselves with other strong empowering women and relish in some #girlboss vibes for a night over cocktails.

We now offer private one-on-one life coach sessions that actually are AFFORDABLE (who has $150 an hour for a life coach?) and cute merchandise that supports female entrepreneurs nationwide.

Long gone are the days when companies hired their “token” woman in the office – we can all succeed together, lift up our fellow woman and support each other with kindness and dignity. There truly is ROOM FOR ALL of us at the top…all we have to do is make. some. room.


We’d love to hear from you if you want to send us any questions, concerns, feedback, good juju, etc. FEEL FREE to do so below. We love you, we think you’re amazing and we can’t wait to see what you create in the world. xx