What do you do?

So sweet of you to ask! In our off time, we love to enjoy a good read, watch When Harry Met Sally over burgers and tacos….oh you meant the business.? Duh, of course you did – here you go. 

The mission statement is below, but generally what do we do? We believe women genuinely want to support each other and that we inherently have each other’s backs. We want to unite women and shine a light on those who are starting companies, creating jobs and taking up space in what was once a man’s world. The future is female but the future is also entrepreneurism and if we want to empower the next generation of women to innovate and start businesses as well, we need to support the women working TODAY.

Check our directory for a small business near you, come to one of our networking events, buy a cute t-shirt or stickers online, and a portion of your sales will go to our Founders Fund (more info below).

Thank you for the support!

What is the mission?

Room for All is a women’s empowerment community that brings women together through networking events, providing a spotlight on female ran businesses and rewarding an aspiring female entrepreneur each year with a portion of our annual profits.

Who is this for?

All women, including any race, any age, any sexual preference! Yes, even if you like Nickelback.

Do you hate men?

Absolutely not! We love, respect, and appreciate our male counterparts in work and at home. The beauty of understanding Room for All is knowing that we aren’t taking space from men, butcreating space for women.  

Tell me more about the loyalty cards!

We’d love to! Our loyalty cards are redeemable after 10 stamps for a free networking dinner in NYC. The loyalty card stamps can be acquired by attending events, purchasing merchandise, bringing friends to events, or joining our directory.


What is the directory for?

We realized there was no part of this large expansive internet that gave us a clear list of female entrepreneurs nationwide. What if we wanted to support our fellow woman, but didn’t know where to find them? Now you can search our directory of awesome (and super hot) girl bosses to find someone in your state, or find them by what you’re looking for exactly. From graphic designers to hair stylists to bakers, videographers, lawyers, you name it! We’d love to see you support more female led businesses when/if you can.

Should I use the directory for all of my purchases?

I mean if you’re asking us, then the answer is absolutely! But no we don’t expect you to buy everything you shop for from a female led business. But when you can, or if you feel compelled, we will be here.

How can I be featured in your directory?

Please apply! Click here to do so, we’re always adding to our directory and would love to have you involved in our community!

Can I elect someone to be in your directory?

Not at this moment, but you can surely suggest they do so, or send us an email at and we can get in touch with them!

Can I buy product from the people in your directory through your website?

We will sometimes have featured products in our shop to purchase but will be limited time capsules. If you want to purchase an item or service, we urge you to go through their websites directly by clicking on their profile.


What can I expect from one of your events?

Our networking events in NYC (soon to be in other cities as well!) span from happy hours to dinners to seminars – they’re all similar but different. If you’re looking for a casual hang, we suggest a happy hour. If you’d like to meet like minded individuals at a more private event, we suggest our beautiful dinners. If you would love to hear brilliant and interesting speakers, come to one of our seminars! Of course, we urge you to bring your #girlsquad to all of these. The more the merrier!

Who can come to your events?

All women, including any race, any age, any sexual preference! Whoever you are, we would love to meet you and get to know you!

Can I bring my boyfriend, husband, male cousin, gay best friend?


We’re joking but also like…not? Sorry, we love your dudes, but this is some cool female vibes type stuff, ya know? Get away and meet some awesome new women for your circle, you’ll love it. (SOME events may be open to all people, but those will be clearly indicated. If not indicated, they are intended for women only. Sorry bros).

Can I come alone?

YA GIRL, get your fine self to any of our events! Then come right up to us, introduce yourself and you wont be alone anymore cause we’ll be best friends forever. THANKS.

Where do I buy a ticket?

Click here! We can’t wait to meet you!

What does the ticket cover?

EVERYTHING! Depending on which event you attend, your dinner, drinks, tax, tip is all included. You just need to show up and be your amazing self! Don’t worry, we won’t FyreFestival you and ask for way more money once you get here. We *do* sell some affordable merchandise at events, but they are totally optional to purchase. If you want some cute stuff, we will have card readers on site to make checkout easier.

Do I need to buy a ticket?

Ok so NO butttt it’s a lot easier for us to plan if you do. PLUS they’re more expensive at the door, and we don’t like doing that to you.


I have a question about my order – who do I reach out to?

Email us! Please reach out to with your order number and any questions you may have.

I put in the wrong shipping address!

BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Email us at and we can work to fix that for you. Mondays, am I right?

How do I get a refund?

EEK. Sooo we’re not very refund friendly at the moment as all purchases are final sale. But if there’s something we can do to make you happy, we’d love the chance, so definitely shoot us an email at

Can I get a loyalty card punch from an online purchase?

Sure! Bring your order confirmation to the next event and we will gladly give you a hug. Oh wait you want a stamp. LUCKY DAY you get both. The answers yes. 🙂


What exactly is coaching?

A quick google search tells us that the definition of a lifecoach is

a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

But we like to call it: one of our skilled, insightful life coaches working with you to overcome any personal challenges you choose, whether it’s professional, personal, a one-time question, a total life change, etc.

Therapy has become so expensive and we need adequate options to talk through life’s difficulties with someone. We offer affordable packages to coach you through whatever you feel is your current challenge(s).

How much does it cost?

All pricing can be found here! We made it really affordable because $200 coaching sessions are not our jam and we genuinely want to help. If the pricing we offer is still tough for you, please shoot us an email at so we can see if theres something we can work out.

Is it totally anonymous?

As with all coaching, the key to surpassing road blocks in life is vulnerability so we will have to be open with each other. This does take away the anonymous aspect of it however, all of your information will be kept totally private between you and your designated coach.

What kind of things can coaching help with?

We can address many different aspects of life from professional to emotional to personal issues. Maybe it’s as simple as prepping for an interview and perfecting your resume. Maybe you are looking for a healthy relationship and want to break past patterns. It could be that you need someone to talk to that is an unbiased third party – we can talk about anything you need to better yourself.

Who will I be speaking with? Will it change or be the same every time?

It will be the same every time so you can work together on different topics. You will be assigned a coach at your first session and if you’d prefer to work with a different coach, we can orchestrate that, just shoot us an email at


What is the founders fund?

We believe the future is female but more than that, we believe the future is entrepreneurism. Women of tomorrow and the next generation should feel empowered and excited about the wide array of opportunities at their fingertips. You can create from your phone, you have an audience in the palm of your hand and it only takes a few clicks of a button to put your ideas into the world. In an effort to reduce the financial burden, we want to donate the portion of our profits to one applicant each year to help them take their ideas to the next level.

A portion of the profit from each event ticket, each piece of merchandise, each coaching session will be deposited into our Founders Fund. At the end of each year, we will choose from a round of applicants to take the funds raised and start their *own* business and help pave the way for women of the future.

If you’re interested in applying, applications will be opened up on our site November 1, 2019.

How often is this awarded?

The Founders Fund will be awarded every December to one recipient after applications are reviewed and a recipient is chosen. 

What are the prerequisites to applying?

Great question!

All details will be updated August 1st 2019, and applications will be open November 1-November 30, 2019. We will notify the winner December 15th 2019.

How/where/when can I apply?

Great question!

All details will be updated August 1st 2019, and applications will be open November 1-November 30, 2019.

Can I nominate someone?

At this time you cannot because a business plan must be submitted, but please share with your friends, family, Instagram followers, neighbors, manicurist, etc.

I have more questions!!

Great! Shoot us an email, friend!